How to Use Consumer Protection for Slips and Trips in Supermarkets

slipfallEveryone has slipped or tripped at least once in a supermarket, and even if not all the accidents are ended with extreme injuries, some people get fractures or other problems that are hard to treat medically.

There are more reasons why this happens – in some cases, people simply don’t pay attention to where they are going or where they are stepping, and they end up slipping or tripping. However, the whole responsibility should fall on the supermarket where this happens, because they need to do everything that they can for keeping their customers safe.

This being said, let’s see what can be done if you happen to slip or trip in a supermarket, for getting your rightful compensation for this kind of accident.

Taking Care

There are two sides of this story – customers don’t pay attention to where they’re going, and they end up tripping over something, while the supermarket owners don’t pay enough attention to the things that are in their store.



This being said, the owners should respect the rules and regulations for the Health and Safety rules, by doing everything that they can for offering their customers a place where they can shop easily, without fearing that something might go wrong – someone can slip, for example, because the floor was recently mopped and if it’s still wet, it can lead to an accident, sometimes fatal.

consumer_rightsClaiming the Compensation

To be able to get the compensation for this kind of accident, you need to be able to prove that the store’s owner and staff have showed negligence. There are some procedures that you could follow, and here’s what you should know:

First of all, there should be a log book where everything is registered. Every retailer is requested to log these kinds of accidents by the safety and health regulations – because of this, you need to make sure that they have registered your injury and accident accurately.

Secondly, if there is a visible evidence for the cause of what happened to you – your accident, like a wet floor from moping or a spilled liquid, a fallen packet from a shelf or anything else, you need to take picture immediately to have a proof for what happened to you.

Third, get a witness to testify for you – someone who saw what happened to you can testify for the negligence of the supermarket. You need to take their contact details, as this can help you later.

Making the Claim

Many of these accidents end up with an injury, so when this happens, you need to have it treated immediately. Apart from the first aid that you get there, if it’s necessary, you need to go to a hospital or a specialized medical unit to take care of your injury. Speaking of this, keep all the papers that you get from there – it will help you in filing the claim.

consumer protectionjpgOnce this is done and you are recovered, contact a and see what you both can do to get the compensation that you need. The store will try to defend themselves, but if you have a good lawyer and if he can prove that the accident took place because of the store’s negligence, then you can surely get the rightful compensation.

You might need to see another doctor to get a second or a third opinion, and you might get to need different medical papers to prove that it was their fault – however, if the judge will determine in your favor, the store will have to pay you the claim and you will be compensated for what happened to you, without further comments from their part.