Acai Berry Cultivation

Protected Cultivation of Acai Berry

Acai berries have become the new wonder due to its ability to show weight reducing results in a natural manner. Acai berries belong to the grape family and they grow at the height of 25 meters in the groove of palm trees. This is popularly known as the Brazilian fruit and can also be found in other regions such as Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia and Ecuador. This fruit can be harvested throughout the year since the warm South American climate aids growth of these trees to the best level. The use of Acai berries in North America has increased significantly over the past few years in form of vitamin supplements, energy drinks and juices. Traditionally this fruit has been used for treating diseases and also to control the stomach ailments.

Why protected cultivation?

Though the opportunities for developing this Acai berry into a commercial diet product is abundant, this fruit is subjected to protected cultivation for the strong environmental impact that is associated with this fruit. The Acai berry trees play an important role in the soil conservation especially in the tropical regions which are subjected to high amount of the rainfall. Currently only a small portion of the 1 million hectares of the land are cultivated under the sustainable development program. The present onus is on growing the Acai berries in a more sensible manner such that environment is well conserved. There are many juice distributors who have initiated the sustainability program by instituting proper cultivation methods to the farmers such that the environment remains unaffected. These steps will be of great significance in protecting the native Acai sites such that commercial industries that are based on this product will be positively benefited.

Acai berries are very delicate and they should be consumed within two days even if it is refrigerated. It is an important source of diet in the South American countries and in Brazil about 42 percent of the overall food intake consists of acai berries. These berries are also made as juices, acai wines and in ice creams since it gives a purple hue. Acai berries that are cultivated in Para are now exported to other countries such as Japan, united sates and European countries.

Article Summary:

With more amount of commercial products based on Acai berries that are coming up, the ongoing priority is to produce the Acai berries in sustainable method such that the balance of the environment remains unaffected. Hence the concept of protected cultivation of Acai berry is very important to maintain the ecological balance in the native acai forests.

Resource Box Info: This article discusses details about the importance of protected cultivation of Acai berries and also outlays the importance of Acai berries as a weight reducing agent.

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