Agricultural fertilisers

agricultural fertilisers

Agriculture Fertilising in Summer


Agriculture has seen a drastic growth in the last few decades. Each and every country across the globe has given importance to agriculture by introducing agricultural activities in school and in many other private institutions. These activities play a vital role in agricultural values among human being. Agricultural fertilising involves mainly conservation of natural resources. Every human being should be aware of the natural resources available in their country and should play an important role in protecting it for the future.

Agriculture with modern trend

Agricultural Fertilisers

Agriculture, in the last few decades with the help of modern technology has shown significant improvement resulting in growth of many agro based companies. Modern agriculture not only involves farmers but also scientists who research on the soil and other ingredients which are helpful for fertilizing. fertilisers can be either Organic or Inorganic.  These fertilisers are of different shape and size. Most typical form of fertiliser is powder form that is granular form. There are many fertilisers which are which are in liquid form. Depending on the climatic conditions and the type of plant/farm appropriate fertiliser can be used.

Inorganic fertilisers are not being preferred by farmers as it does not contain enough natural nutrients. With the help of modern technology scientists have proved that usage of organic fertilisers have no harm to the farm. These inorganic fertilisers contain worm, manure, guano, etc.

Inorganic fertilisers mainly consist of ammonia. Nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers are the other most commonly used fertilisers across the globe.

Problems with fertilisers:


Mountain Fertilizing

Even though agricultural fertilisers are being used to protect farm, there are instances that these fertilisers can be harmful. One major problem is that these fertilisers cannot replace the natural ingredients available in soil. There are few crops which require natural substances like zinc, copper, iron etc in soil. These natural substances in soil cannot be replaced by any fertiliser. The other major problem farmers face is the over fertilisation.


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Agriculture fertilising in summer is a common activity being followed by most of the farmers across the globe. Even though this agriculture fertilising in summer involves many artificial fertilisers it is being widely used because of its capability to improve productivity.

Similar to fertilisers, agricultural fertilisers are also of 2 types: Organic agricultural fertilisers and Inorganic agricultural fertilisers. One of the main reason people have started to use these agricultural fertilisers is to increase their productivity. With the blended mixture available farmers are able to achieve their productivity and also able to sustain in this competitive market. Scientists across the globe have helped the farmers by inventing new fertilisers which can act as an alternate to many natural fertilisers.

Not everyone will be able to master in this agro business. There are many scientists who have dedicated their entire life for agro industry. Most of the organic fertiliser sources come from animal, plant or mineral. Agricultural fertilisers are of different types and depending on the climatic condition you can choose the type of product for your farm. It is each and every one’s responsibility to take care of the natural minerals. With the emission of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide to earth’s atmosphere there are many objections across the globe by farmers on not to use artificial fertilisers. Other major problems faced by farmers are pests which occur when nitrogen fertilisers are overused. However, scientists are working hard to mitigate these problems.

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